1) Ah the “S” word – the one that most husbands dread. Unluckily for him, we have lots of options to do that close to home. 3 malls with brand names that u can find in Orchard. So useful to zip into the mall on a busy weekday, do my nails, buy some shoes, try some clothes and I’m all caught up on self-care.

2. NTUC, NTUC Finest, Cold Storage. My latest haunts. Im firmly entrenched in Auntie territory unfortunately. Yes, these stores are actually my regular to-go places. If I want value buys, its the regular NTUC, If I want something a bit more special in terms of meats or organic food, its off to Finest or Cold Storage. Cold Storage is great for those hard to find items that I sometimes require on recipes… Once I was looking for “Liquid smoke” – I know right..i had a lot of question marks… but I actually found it at Cold Storage…Totally amazing!


3. You can actually work so near home, you can go home for lunch or a nap. Tampines has an industrial park, banks (almost all major banks), insurance, IT firms. A wide range of jobs possible. Best, work and stay in Tampines, save money and time means more time for kids, gym, Netflix


4. Schools – Ah, all the Singaporean codenames – GEP, SAP. The Tiger parents would be happy to know that we have a GEP school (St Hilda’s) and SAP schools within the vicinity (Poi Ching and Red Swastika)


5. The sea may not be at our doorstep but we have no shortage of places with water views. Tampines has Bedok Reservoir Park and the Tampines Quarry. Bedok Reservoir is lovely for a morning or evening jog or even a kayaking session.
Kids would love the playground there and of course you can’t forget about the Adventure Ropes course which kids as young as 5 years old can try.


6. “Cheaper can?”. “Auntie, today the chicken is very fresh”. The cacophony of sounds and smells are what makes wet markets so unique. I grew up following my mother to wet markets where she would shop for her daily meats and vegetables. That is part of the charm of Tampines where old and new forms a cohesive mishmash of cultures. Wet markets and supermarkets stand along side each other. Means in three generational homes, the mother and daughter in law both get to satisfy their needs


7. My favourite haunts. I’m a bit reluctant to share about this hole in the wall Thai eatery (Soi Thai). Serves the most delicious and authentic Thai food at pocket friendly prices. And and and..You can just call up, make your orders and drive up to collect it. Minimal waiting time n delicious food – Our favourite combi


8. Ah..The Gem of Tampines..My friends come from across Singapore just to use the facilities there. Our Tampines Hub is chock-a-block with fun things for a family day out. You can start your day with breakfast at the hawker centre, then spend time at the library. For sport fans, you can book badminton courts or play in the soccer fields or go swimming in the pools right on top. For kids, there is a rock climbing wall and laser tag to entertain them. After lunch, there are art activities and clay activities or just sit in the atrium to enjoy movies on the big screen or listen to live music. Not a moment to be bored at all.

I would love to show u around my town, so if you are looking for a new place, don’t hesitate to contact me for the low-down on the town.


Last month, I got involved in a video shooting for work purpose. It’s both a new and eye opening experience for me; I have so much mad respect for the stars and anyone with the video industry now! Find out more about my experience here.

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