4 years and 9 months ago, I had a crazy idea. An idea that bore fruit 4 years ago. I have absolutely no idea what brought that on. Cute baby photos? A patriotic desire to contribute to the national duty? Maybe just an itch to try to do it all..This is the result:

Happy Birthday baby!

You will always be my baby but sometimes when I need you to do “big boy” things, I tell you that actually you are a big boy now. Im not surprised if you are confused..Well the truth is, no matter how old you are, you will always have a special place as the baby of our family. (hmm, but sometimes I have to play the big boy card eh)

Many people have asked why Papa and Mama would have wanted to have you when we already had a perfect combination of “好”. Its been crazy times and sometimes we do wonder if we really over estimated our abilities. I mean when there are only 2 of us and three of you needing our attention, we seriously wonder if we are way over our heads and if we should have just stuck with two. All that totally goes away when I look at you and try to imagine if you were not in our lives and I always come to the same conclusion..I simply cant imagine a life without you, you complete me!

From a small quiet boy, you have grown to be unafraid to vocalise ur opinions. You are still shy amongst strangers, hiding behind me in the lift when neighbours enter, but among people you are familiar with, you really have lots to talk about.

Of course, your cheeky side is slowly surfacing. You enjoying annoying us with forbidden words like “pangsai”. You will start off by saying pang..when u see our stares, u do a switcheroo to pangkin (pumpkin). Nice try, but no..Papa and Mama know what you are up to.

I still remember once when you were throwing a tantrum and you refused to calm down, Popo suddenly walked into a room. You stopped crying instantly n peeped out from within my arms. You were cleverly checking if she was going to bring the cane out before you continued your tantrum.

Whenever you win a game or achieve something, that exuberant expression of joy – doing somersaults, punching your fist in the air and yelling “yay i won” – absolutely rocks. I pray that you will never lose that zest for life and always remember to celebrate.

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