Its that Time of the year again.

You know, that time that comes around twice a year?

My son would say its a season of prison before the freedom. Nothing like the dreaded E-xams gets the stress O meter up faster. OK, actually my stress O meter is quite sensitive so lots of things get it up. Of course the exams are one of them.

Over the past 4 years, I’m on this constant battle with my son over how much work he is doing, The best ratio to him should be along the lines of 1 hour work and 2 hour play, or more.

More is always good. Obviously mummy’s ratio is the opposite.

This term, I have made a totally new approach to this whole exam stress thing. I decided to be hands off (horror!!). Trust me, for a Tiger Mum like me, this is like jumping off a Clift (maybe worse). Soo soo difficult!

Unfortunately, before the exams really got underway, his teacher specially asked to speak to me, to feedback that he needed some extra guidance for the exams. I could see those wheels churning in the teacher’s head when I replied that I was not going to do anything about it and was happy to have J fail.

Bottomline: J’s left alone to study while i wait with bated breath on what comes out of this experiment.

Hopefully, he gets a good dose of reality after this one time and i will have myself a scholar in the making.

On a side note, I think I will just send the hubby for this semester MTP session.

What do you other mums do to deal with all these exam preps?

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