In my line of work, we have to do a lot of prospecting or marketing of our services. Some of the ways we do it is through telemarketing (If you don’t want to receive such calls, you can put yourself on the Do Not Call list, but I actually find that it can be informative to receive such calls), flyers, roadshows and increasingly important social media marketing.

Videos are evolving to be an important part of social media marketing, I wanted to join the trend, but have been delaying it because I didn’t think I can be comfortable in front of the camera. During one of our annual conferences, there was a branding video filming session offered at a groupbuy price just for our division. It was with a lot of trepidation, but I put my money down and signed up for a slot.
Before the actual session, there were lots of weird conversations coming out from the bathroom during my shower because I was using that time to practice my lines. My kids were very entertained at hearing conversations coming out from my bedroom and when they went to investigate, it would be Mummy staring at her handphone screen and muttering lines. The advice given was practice in front of the mirror. I found that recording yourself on your handphone helped as well.
On the morning of the filming, I had a 10am slot for the filming. I was up early because I had to go to my make-up artiste house to get prettified for the filming. I did ponder for a while if I should do my makeup myself as it was just going to be for a short session, but oh well since I was going to show this to the world, I wanted to put my best face forward. My makeup artiste helped me to do my hair and adjust the makeup to suit the lighting conditions.
Wah, let me just say that a 2 minute clip can actually take half a day to film. A little cough here, a chair moving there in the background and aiyah have to redo the segment again. Of course, the talent (Me!) also had a lot of mishaps. You know little things like forgetting the lines. I had so so many NGs. I would remember the first part and then miss a word in the second part and end up having to redo the whole thing. The worst is when you forgot the lines right at the end after a perfect start!!!
Its hard work to pretend. I recalled one segment where the videographer just wanted to film me talking to a customer, so all I had to do was act like I was talking to a customer. It was so funny because I actually ran out of pretend things to say and I ended up saying blah blah blah blah and when we watched the segment later, it was so obvious that I was going blah blah blah blah. Of course, we had to redo that segment. If you are my customer, please be assured I would definately be able to conduct a way more intelligent presentation than that.
It was a very interesting experience nevertheless. I learnt about how people take videos Рangles, lighting and how talking to the camera is so different from speaking in real life. I love my job РBesides meeting people, I am often forced out of my comfort zone to do new things and its been a real hell of a ride. Newscasters, actors and actresses, I have a new found respect for you!
So here goes – that video that carries my sweat, tears and blood.

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