It’s been a couple of lazy weekends for me so I took the opportunity to bring the kids out for some fun.

Last week, we tackled the Istana Open House and this week we visited the National Design Centre where the Keeper’s Playground of Infinite Happiness is happening. At first, I thought it would be quite avant garde ’cause its design related, but after reading some feedback that there was enough activities for the kids to be entertained, I was excited to propose that for our Saturday activity. Surprisingly, the husband was game.

National Design Centre Singapore
National Design Centre. Photo from NDC website
The National Design Centre is this plain white building that I wouldn’t have noticed, if not because I was specifically looking out for it. Its right opposite the National Library, so it is pretty accessible for those who might want to take public transport.
At the entrance, you are greeted by these colourful panels which you have to pass through to enter the building.
At the entrance, there is a photobooth with a lovely backdrop.
There’s also the cardboard installation section where there are a couple of things made from cardboard ie. a table and chair and some animals. Apparently, you can buy the table and chair too but it was a few thousand dollars (wow.. unfortunately my pocket can’t afford to go that green). The children can piece pre-cut cardboard pieces together to create a chair. my kids spent some time doing that.
There was also a ping pong table and a little see-saw. There were some pop-ups cafes and shops. One that looked particularly interesting was a booth that was selling gelato. Apparently they had local flavours like Chicken Rice gelato.
The 2nd and 3rd levels were mainly little shops. Very interesting and quaint stuff with local flavour. I liked Batu Lesung ready made spices – absolutely yummy but because they are spicy, I won’t be able to cook them as my kids don’t take spicy food.
Next door there is a local brand that creates their own prints to turn into bags
For the kids, there was a little sand station and a little station where they could do some threading of embriodery – all part of a project to create a piece of art through collaboration.
The fourth level was the kids section. There were toys scattered around for the younger ones while the mummies went shopping. There were also workshops for the kids. When we were there, the themed workshop was to use recycled materials to make a robot. After that, my kids had fun at the Klay Kits booth making things out of air dried clay.
It was a well spent Saturday.

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