It’s now 3am and I’m here updating my blog because I have just spent five straight hours in the showflat with my buyer this afternoon.  


She bought the unit!!!

I’m so excited because she made a very good buy and to think she really almost didn’t even want to go down to the showflat because this was not within the search area she had specified. So what happened in between to change her mind?

It’s because I’m such a gorgeous and personable agent, she decided to give me some face. (You can’t possibly be believing that right, though I am gorgeous and personable!)

Her first thought when she heard the address of the flat was that it was going to be expensive. She had a close friend’s relative buy a property in the same area and had paid around $1700psf, so she had straight away jumped to a conclusion that it was going to be out of her budget. That’s actually true, new properties in that area are going for around that price or more and even the resale properties are going for about $1400- $1500psf. Imagine then if I tell you that there is a brand new property at the area that is going for $1500psf, what will your reaction be?

Exactly, she had the same reaction…”REALLY, so cheap?”

And that’s how we ended up at the showflat on a Saturday afternoon…


Imagine coming home to this everyday.. So nice right?

This was one of the first visuals that hit my buyer when she stepped into the showflat. The architect for this award winning building is the same famous one – WOHA – that will be building the condo. The concept is about blending in with nature and existing trees will be integrated with the whole green environment. Cascading water features, an infinity pool, river frontage seamlessly joined with the development should make any aspiring homeowner proud to be living in this development. Truly, a great architect makes a huge difference.

With a good size of over 700 units, the developer is able to put in place over 50 facilities. There are facilities to cater to every age-group and should my buyer decide to rent out her unit one day, her tenants would definitely enjoy the possibilities open to them.

The mock-ups draw out another wow. Not many developers provide marble flooring in the living areas and timber flooring for the bedrooms. The colour scheme is of clean lines. Everywhere you will find additional storage space ie in the toilet, developer has provided nifty nooks and corners to store additional toiletries. For my buyer who is very organised, she was so impressed by these little details which would make living very practical. High quality fittings but sensitive pricing. Another reason to buy.

When we were viewing the showflat yesterday, all around us construction was going on, this is a strong indication of transformation in the area. From no malls to 2 malls by the time the project is completed. There will also be a huge upcoming Bidadari HDB estate coming up nearby. First, my buyer can enjoy all the amenities which will be supporting the estate and secondly, when those HDBs MOP, my client will have a ready pool of buyers to sell to. Win-win!

There are so many other factors which I use to evaluate properties for my clients. Each client gets a customised recommendation based on their profile and requirements. Most importantly, my client left the showflat yesterday a very happy woman. She found a place that she could call home.

Last week, I stepped out of my comfort zone and shot a 2 minutes video. It’s a hell of a ride – I am glad that it turns out well and now I have mad respect for the STARS who’re always in front of the camera.

Watch the video here and read more about what goes on to prepare it.

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