Crazy Rich Asians.

This is like the latest buzzword around town now. The internet is flooded with  “Crazy Rich Asians” related lists and parodies. In case you haven’t been exposed to all the hype, let me now enlighten you. Crazy Rich Asians is the latest movie to hit our screens. It’s based on a novel that revolves around how the very rich in Singapore live. There is “old” rich and “new” rich. Because, a great part of the movie was based in Singapore, there are lots of mentions of places in Singapore. The Asian theme (First Hollywood movie after a long time starring Asian characters as the main characters), helped to generate a lot of hype for the movie.

In the movie, the main character lives in this super exclusive area in Singapore near Botanic Gardens. It is a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) area. Good Class Bungalows are amongst the most prestigious and expensive properties you can own on this island. If you are like me who unfortunately does not belong to the super rich class, a GCB is only something I can drive pass and drool at. Thankfully, there are still beautiful properties that mere mortals like me can aspire to own, here are some interesting ones that are currently on the market.

Wallich Residences

Wallich Residences stands at the heart of Tanjong Pagar in the Central Business District. You literally overlook the entire CBD area as the residential units start from the 39th floor onwards. That’s 180m high, imagine the panaromic view you will get from your unit.
Of course, nothing beats the convenience of simply taking a lift straight down to reach the Tanjong Pagar MRT or to access the abundant supply of shops and restaurants. There are so many options for after work activities. If you work in the CBD, you could be close enough to hop home for lunch. For the single professionals, there is the option of 1 bedders. If you need a lot of space to chill out, there are also 4 bedders on sale. At 614sf, the 1 bedders are spacious and fitted with luxurious touches. For the busy people, you get a concierge service to  assist in some tasks. How more fabulous can it get right?
Wallich Residences has a super penthouse of more than 21,000 sf. Its a triplex with its own roof terrace and pool. Apparently, its one of a kind. Literally landed living in the air.

South Beach Residence

A former army camp transformed into a huge space where 190 residential units, a hotel, office towers and commercial spaces come together blending modern facades with historic buildings. Right smack in the new Downtown, easily accessible to any location islandwide.
I love the fact that it has views on all sides. You can choose between the Orchard view, Marina seaview or the Marina Bay view and the East Coast view, every single view beautiful in its own right. Imagine coming home to this every single day.
BONUS at South Beach Residence: I’m a huge fan of online shopping, so I get packages all the time. Missing a package is one of my key frustrations. Now, at SBR, your packages can be signed and received for you and delivered up to your unit at your convenience… Wow wow, and to think that is just one service in a whole suite of services designed to make your stay at home a perfect experience. Another yay, you can move in almost immediately

Martin Modern

If you like peace and quiet and yet still be near amenities, Martin Modern might just be what you are looking for. Imagine 80% of land being used for landscaping and facilities which means, there will be a sense of openness and space that is rarely found in other developments.
With numerous gardens interspersed with a complete range of facilities, you will have lots of opportunities to take walks and be one with nature.
With Orchard just a stone’s throw away, whether you are going to be shopping for groceries or the perfect outfit, you will not need to go just beyond the neighbourhood. With a highly sought after address for rental, there is a lot of flexibility in how you want to use the apartment. It can be a warm cosy home for the family or it can be the investment towards a better future for the family unit.
So though you might not be as rich as the Youngs, Khoos and Leongs of the movie, there are still lots of opportunities to buy wisely and invest towards a future for your family

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