Like any other parent, I struggle with the dilemma of how much screen time to allow my kids to have.

It is unavoidable for my primary school going kid to have to go online, whether to search for information or to use the school’s portal, but I try to exercise control otherwise. And to be honest, when the kids are looking for me to entertain them or complain about boredom when Im trying to complete some work, it is really the easier option to just throw them a device just to keep some sanity (but to alleviate my guilt, I try to provide educational videos or games..a bit of the “lesser of two evil” concept). 

All these make me a prime target for anything that even remotely keeps them away from screen time. Here are some of the activities I have tried with my kids:


1. Board games.

Our family favourites are the classic games of Monopoly and Game of Life.

Hey, these games do teach some values we should all possess in life. I mean, isn’t it important to know that if u choose to skip further your education, you could be limited in your future job opportunities. Sorry kiddos..the sad reality of life.

I recently discovered co-operative games and the concept intrigue me so much, I am now on a hunt to add such games to our arsenal. Co-operative games supposedly teach the players how to work together to achieve the game’s objective. So far, “Outfoxed” looks promising


2. Art and Craft.

I was on a washi tape craze some part of the year so I bought multiple rolls of washi tape and we did several art projects with it


That’s a notebook decorated with washi tape that we did as a birthday present for a school mate. We also tried many other washi ideas. There are lots of awesome ideas online which you should totally check out. Other art activities we have tried include ice painting and toilet roll crafts.


3. Origami

My origami skill set used to extend to only paper boats…

But ta-dah, google introduced me to many different things I could make and together with my kids. We did an water theme origami piece recently. The kids coloured the setting and background and then we filled it up with origami swans, turtles, fishes


4. Baking.

I have baked several times with my kids. I get them to measure out the ingredients, sift and fold. So far, we have done brownies, muffins, pancakes.


5. Jigsaw puzzles

My children love jigsaw puzzles. One of their favourites is a puzzle with different storybook characters. After fixing the puzzles, we will do a spot the characters which simply adds to the element of fun.


I’m constantly on the lookout for new ideas of fun to share with my kids.

Cheers to more device-less fun

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